Cincinnati Children's Hospital

October 28, 2017

Cincinnati Children's Hospital is a place like no other, with entertainment, therapy dogs, and whole department dedicated to quality of life care. I had the opportunity to volunteer in the sewing room, making pillow cases, clothing to fit unique needs, doll outfits, pajamas and more for the kiddos. We would take custom orders from the kids. Being able to do something small that helped a child escape into play made my 3 month move for Dr.'s rotation worth it.


There was one patient in particular that we will both never forget. Dr. Cox had sleepless nights thinking about possible outcome and surgeries to come for this patient. Because with a child amputation in particular, it's not just the physical to be concerned with, but there are also social and mental implications involved.  


I will call him/her "Sallie." Sallie came in holding a stuffed animal dog. Down in the sewing room I got to work making a doggie hospital gown, bone, dog bed, dog vest....  When she woke up from her surgery she was thrilled to see dog dressed to match her.  


This little girl had the best attitude. Better than some adults. Dr. has seen adults depressed over missing fingertips and this little girl was just happy that she would be able to swim. While there is much she will have to overcome we pray her beautiful mindset will help her achieve all that she dreams possible and more.


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